Sunday, February 23, 2014

February 18, 2014

So, I forgot to tell you guys last week but transfers was this week! And guess what?! Collega and I are together again for another six weeks in Brescia! He was kinda upset because he wanted to leave since he's been here since October but who knows what'll happen this next transfer?

This past transfer went by so fast!! On each of my planners I write the number of the transfer I'm in on the top and then my transfer scripture, which is pretty much my rallying cry for that transfer, on the cover and I'm about to start number 5! I just see this number getting bigger and bigger and it's such a weird feeling!! I sit there and think, "flip! Where has the time gone?" Because when you hit
your number 8 that's the year mark!! And then 16 is when you're done!! Finito! All I can think is, "I'm not young anymore...I'm becoming an old missionary!" My nightmare is that I'll have to train soon. I don't want to but collega keeps on telling me that I will. I'm trying to think different thoughts so that I can have another cool collega and not train. We'll see though. Vediamo.

This past week we taught 23 lessons! :) Then the sisters in our district taught 20, and then another group of sisters taught 33! Our zone
leaders were freaking out and saying, "This has never happened before in our zone! This is crazy!" Collega and I were just glad that we were examples to our zone. :)

Thanks Fam for all that you do!! Here is some more pics if you want! I don't know if thery're still blurry! One of them is collega and me. Another is, or could be, an album cover, but it's mostly of our district. We didn't plan it. Love, Anziano West

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